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Suoi Lam, located on the commune, Thuan Loi, Dong Phu district, Binh Phuoc province, Vietnam, the lake nestled behind the rubber forests teemed. To on Suoi Lam excursions, tourists who have a valid Vietnam visa, can depart from Dong Xoai town beyond 10km on route 741, then turn left at the fork in the road red clay, then run through the jungle rubber is able to come to green lake. Watch stream Lam beautiful hallucination in the morning, beautiful, peaceful, calm at noon, beautiful, dazzling when the afternoon fades away. In the morning when the sun hasn dawns, the mist has not yet been defeated, fly dangled around the lake like the white smoke of the indoor hot mineral water, the clouded sight, making the lake the scenery around the lake is hidden. The sun was high, warm sun disperse the fog of unreality, warning color display is crisp.

The lake is calm, pure, like a mirror huge expansion to 100 hectares to reflect the image of the rubber forests, the towering forests, long years around the lake create a water picture, but bring the light, the glitter of the sun, creating attraction hard to resist. When the sun hides behind the trees, plaques, outdoor, red stained red at panorama as well as lake, Stream, Blue, superimposed springs lake Blue the color of the dreamy, idyllic, peaceful, just, and not out of worry, please relax. Each time frame during the day, Suoi Lam to change a jacket layer different, to bring the different beauty attract tourists. After, breathtaking scenery, visitors can stop organized camping under the trees or enjoy the food on the floating restaurant here to feel the fulness of the pleasures when visiting this Du Lich tourist area.


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