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GauravJoshi FUT 18 - Team Clashes - How to play eight games in a day?

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New team building challenge on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Coins Free with the big games coming this weekend in Liga Santander, Premier League, Greece, and Switzerland.

This information is kept on a page that only family members can access. The challenge will be available until Tuesday, October 31, 19h.

The final reward is a Gold Premium Player Pack.

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Solution for Team Building Challenge - Large Posters of October 24th

  • First Name: Gaurav
  • Last Name: Joshi

Manchester United VS Tottenham

  • Players - Manchester FIFA 18 Free Coins Hack United: Minimum 1,
  • Players - Tottenham: Minimum 1,
  • Players - Premier League: Minimum 6,
  • Team rating: Minimum 79,
  • Group agreement: Minimum 95,
  • A number of players in the team: Exactly 11.

FC Sevilla VS Leganes

  • Players - FC Lyon + Leganes: Minimum 3,
  • Players - Liga Santander: Minimum 6,
  • Team note: Minimum 78,
  • Group agreement: Minimum 95,
  • Number of players in the team: Exactly 11.

Reward: A Rare Gold Pack --

Panathinaikos VS Olympiakos

  • Players - Panathinaikos + Olympiakos: Minimum 1,
  • Players - Greece: Minimum 3,
  • Players - Gold: Minimum 6,
  • Group Agreement: Minimum 90,
  • Number of players in the team: Exactly 11.

Reward: A Pack of Electrum Players --

FC Bale VS Zurich

  • Players - RSL: Minimum 4,
  • Players - Switzerland: Minimum 3,
  • Players - Gold: Minimum 3,
  • Group agreement: FIFA 18 Hack XBOX One Minimum 95,
  • Number of players in the team: Exactly 11.

Reward: A Rare Consumables Pack --

Good challenge to all and that luck is with you in the packs!

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