Email Notifications

Probably the most convenient way to watch for changes to a website is to use a news feed, as described on HowToUseNewsFeeds. On the other hand good old traditional email is sometimes best. This page describes how to sign up to be notified by email whenever a website changes.

Choose a Service

There are a few free online services that will send out email notifications. The first step is to visit one of these sites. Any one of the sites in the following list will work well. No matter which service you choose, the following steps will be the same.

Subscribe to a Feed

Each of these services ask which "Feed URL" you want to watch. You can type in the address of the website, (e.g. ""). The service will use information in the webpage to figure out where the feed is located. Or if you already know the exact address of the feed then you can type that instead, (e.g. ""). The feed URL for this website is shown on SubscribeToChanges. You'll see some websites talk about different feed formats (like "RSS" and "Atom") but don't worry about that because you'll get the same results from any of them.

Subscribe to Multiple Feeds

If you want to get really fancy then the service may allow you to import an "OPML" file. This means that you can subscribe to lots of feeds at once by uploading a file that contains them. On the FamilyBlogs page there is an OPML file that has all the blogs owned by family members.
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