Avocado Oil Benefits - Did you know that avocado oil can make you look fresh, increase immunity and even aid digestion? If you already know it, you'll be stunned with the other benefits offered by avocado oil. The avocado is a fruit that is very healthy and loaded with vitamins and nutrients. The many benefits of his health which has been supported by science.

If you want to know more fully the benefits of the amazing avocado oil, keep reading this article. 15 benefits of avocado oil for health

1. Lower blood pressure

Those who suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure are very likely to get the benefits of avocado oil. According to a scientific study published in 2005, avocado oil is very effective in lowering and controlling blood pressure. In the study, some of the rats given foods rich avocado oil. Avocado oil contains certain fatty acids, regulating the reaction of fatty acids in the kidney. This led to changes in hormone levels, which in turn helps control blood pressure. Avocado oil is also changing the composition of fatty acids in the liver. In conclusion, consume the avocado oil regularly will help you maintain blood pressure remained normal.

2. Enhance nutrient absorption

Many of us consume nutrients every day. However, nutrition-nutrition is not useful for us if not completely absorbed. Avocado oil helps the absorption of carotenoids. Carotenoids requires fatty acids to be transported into the cell. But unfortunately, food rich in carotenoids have low fatty acid levels. The fat that is found in avocado oil helps in transporting alpha-carotene, beta-carotene and lutein which you get from the salad or vegetables. Therefore, add the avocado oil on your salad with avocado oil for extra flavor and additional benefits.

3. Good for teeth and gums

Problems with teeth and gums is a pretty common problem these days, due to the abundance of sugar content in the foods we eat. Avocado oil and soybean oil, when used together as a home remedy, can really help with periodontal disease. Avocado oil inhibits cytokine molecules that are responsible for inflammation. Teeth, gum tissue and cells of bones and ligaments in the jaw -- all this will show a reduction in inflammation with use of avocado oil. It can also prevent bone erosion caused by the advanced stages of periodontal disease.

4. Help cure Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disorder that causes scaly skin. It is of course harmful to the skin, as well as create the confidence decline. So, if you see psoriasis develops in any part of your skin, apply avocado oil. A mixture of vitamin B12 serum and avocado oil (rich in vitamin E), when used for 12 weeks, proven cure psoriasis completely, according to a study that took place in 2001. On the other hand, if only the vitamin E used, psoriasis shows signs of improvement in the first four weeks, but after that the effect may wear off. So the treatment of psoriasis in the long term with avocado oil would be much more useful.

5. Help cure Arthritis (inflammation of joints)

A natural extract made from avocado oil and soybean oil, found beneficial in slowing the progression of osteoarthritis. The extract is widely used in the treatment of arthritis, works especially well in fixing the osteoarthritis of the knee and hip. This also reduces the need for the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and works much better than a placebo.

6. Heart Health

Mangalami oil processing through cold pressure produces the kind of healthy oils, and if it's avocado, it would be better for the heart. Avocado oil which is produced by cold pressure will have a level of acidity and oxidation are low, as well as a very high content of monounsaturated fatty acids. In fact, the extra virgin avocado oil contains more than 75% monounsaturated fatty acids -- far higher than olive oil amounted to 67%. The levels of saturated fat also makes a difference -- in which olive oil contain 17% saturated fat, avocado oil has only 13%. We all know that monounsaturated fatty acids good for our heart, while saturated fat is dangerous. In both of these factors, avocado oil beat olive oil, which is considered the healthiest of the cooking oil. Therefore, avocado oil is better for lowering cholesterol levels, which is the biggest reason for heart disease.
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