Access policy for this website

All pages have a note in the left bar that explains the access policy. The note contains one of the following three messages:
  • globe This page is public
    • This means that any visitor has access to this page.
    • Personal information, such as phone numbers, should not be published on a page with this note.
  • locktopic Only family members can access this page
    • This means that only people listed in the JackParryFamilyGroup are allowed to view the information on the page.
    • It is safe to publish on these pages information that is only meant for family members.
  • globe Visitors might have access to this page
    • This note appears on any pages that don't fit cleanly into either of the other two categories. Some visitors that are not in the family may be able to access this page, but maybe not everyone.
    • Typically this situation occurs for pages that can only be accessed by the JackParryFamilyGroup and also the creator of the page. This could be a security hole if the creator is not in the JackParryFamilyGroup.
    • Find out the specific access policy for the page by looking for a line that starts with * Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW =. The rest of the line lists all the users and groups that are allowed access. This line may be hidden unless you click the "Edit" button or the "Raw View" button on the page.
    • You can simplify the permissions on a page like this so that only the JackParryFamilyGroup has access.

Changing the access policy

To protect a page so that only family members can access it, add the following lines anywhere on the page. These lines won't be displayed. To make sure the access policy is working, look at the note in the left bar.

   * Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW = Family.JackParryFamilyGroup
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